Blue badge, bus pass or parking




If you are looking for new medical evidence, a supporting letter, or other medical report for the purposes of Blue badge/bus pass/parking permit, please approach Oxfordshire County Council (OCC) and not your local GP for guidance

  • You can obtain a copy of your patient summary and any relevant existing documentation from the practice and/or any specialist clinic involved in your care, (free of charge, under GDPR).
  • You may then choose to share this with OCC.
  • Most patient “online services” (eg NHS App, PatientAccess, or Evergreen Life) can generate a GP summary for you.
  • Any additional assessment of eligibility is the responsibility of the local authority (OCC).
  • OCC is required to provide “Expert assessors” who will assess your eligibility further.

Your GP is not the appropriate person to make judgements about eligibility for blue badges or other forms of state support