Clinics and Services




In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a comprehensive range of clinics and healthcare services:


Cryotherapy is the use of Liquid Nitrogen to treat warts, skin tags and other unwanted skin tissues or growths. Please make an appointment with a GP to assess whether cryotherapy is a suitable treatment for you.

Cryotherapy is only performed by Dr Lancaster.



Our Practice Nurses are trained to give diet and lifestyle advice. They have resources on healthy eating, smoking, alcohol and exercise.

You can book an appointment with the one of the Nurses if you would like to discuss your diet. However, if you are concerned about your weight in any way, we advise that you come and see one of the Doctors.



As a Practice we promote healthy lifestyle choices by encouraging our patients to take up regular exercise.

Please come and see one of our Practice Nurses if you would like advice about exercise.



The Practice has an ECG (echocardiogram) machine – if your Doctor wants you to have an ECG then please book an appointment with the Practice Nurse or Healthcare Assistant.

Please allow at least five working days for the results of investigations such as blood tests and urine or stool analysis to come back to us. We ask that patients telephone the surgery for the results. If possible please telephone after 2pm.

If there is an abnormal result we will get in touch with you to inform you and to start any necessary treatment. It is therefore important to make sure we have your up to date contact details: please contact us to inform us of any changes.

The GPs refer to the local hospitals for X-Rays, Ultrasounds and similar investigations. X-Ray and Ultrasound results may take longer to come back to us. Please telephone for your result.


NHS Health Checks

The NHS Health Check is your chance to get your free midlife MOT. We offer them to all of our patients aged between 40-74 without a pre-existing condition, it checks your circulatory and vascular health and what your risk of getting a disabling vascular disease is.

Please arrange a 20 minute appointment with one of the practice nurses one week after coming in for a non fasting blood test.