Use the eConsult option to

  • ask about your health symptoms, conditions or treatment; you may find the information you need without an appointment
  • find out more about your symptom, condition or admin request.

You just need to fill out a quick form, and the practice responds with advice, a prescription or an appointment.

Image of using a mobile device

Online consulting offers information on a wide range of problems and conditions. Using this feature gives you the option to help yourself or to be directed to a pharmacy, NHS 111 clinician, or one of the practices clinicians.

Online consulting allows patients who are currently registered at the Practice to get help from their doctor online, and offers alternatives to calling or coming into the surgery for common, more minor problems. Using this service you can also access self-help content, alternative options available to you, e.g. pharmacy, symptom checkers, or 111. The requests are treated the same as other appointments, so aren’t necessarily dealt with any quicker.


So what are the advantages for you?

  • Access Monday – Friday 8.30am to 6.30pm (excluding bank holidays)
  • Secure and confidential
  • Include information that you may find difficult to talk about
  • The clinical team has more information from you at an earlier stage, allowing them to understand your issues sooner
  • Access to much more information for self care

You have to be aged 16 or above to use it, or a parent/guardian can use it for issues with their children


What happens when I submit a request online?

The request will be triaged, and dealt with by the most appropriate team member. This may be the duty doctor, your usual GP or a member of the admin team


What if I have an emergency?

Then the tool will direct you to call either, NHS111, 999 or the Practice