Meeting Notes & Minutes




19th July 2022 Via Microsoft Teams

  • 1pm – 2pm with Dr Helen Salisbury and Jon Frank (business manager)


  • Elaine
  • Maggie
  • Kathy
  • Paul
  • Lesley
  • Barbara
  • Mike
  • Cicely
  • Michael
  • Roger

Apologies were received from:

  • Christopher
  • Dierdre
  • Shelagh
  • Alison
  • Godfrey
  • Sue



Elaine welcomed everyone to the meeting – on the hottest day on record.

Extended Access Consultation

Jon reminded the group about the Extended Access Scheme.  Starting in October 2022, the 5 practices in our Primary Care Network will be required to patient services until 8.00pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday morning.  This will amount to 35 hours per week across the 5 practices.

The 3 practices (27 Beaumont Street, 28 Beaumont Street and King Edward Street) have now all moved into the new Northgate Building on Cornmarket Street).  This means that the services will be operating from only 2 sites.

The practices have done some initial planning, but now need to consult with patients on their views.  To date their thinking is:

  • Each of the 5 practices will be open until 8pm on one evening per week.
  • 1 practice will be open on a Saturday.
  • The extra hours should be equitable between the practices.
  • Services will be focused on Health promotion/prevention services, such as routine tests, long-term condition check-ups, blood tests etc.  This will mean that patients would not need to take time off work to attend.
  • There will be some GP appointments, but it is not designed for urgent ‘on the day’ appointments.
  • Appointments will be pre-bookable.
  • Patients of all 5 practices can attend these sessions regardless of location.  
  • The practices need to consider the workforce implications – who is willing to work these hours and how they ensure there is no detrimental effect on daytime services.

The consultation will be done by each practice and the results combined for the whole Network.  They will send a link to a representative 5-10% of their practice population and ask them to complete a short on-line survey.  Papers copies will also be available in reception.

Workforce Issues

The practice acknowledged that they will have to recruit regular locum staff to provide these additional services.  However, employing staff for 1.5 hours from 6.30pm to 8pm was unlikely to be attractive to clinicians.  They asked the PPG for their views on providing additional services from 5pm to 8pm instead.  The PPG thought that this was a sensible plan and would provide a better service to a wider range of patients rather than just a ‘late’ service.  They agreed that it would be of benefit to working patients, but also to older patients, or those with children, who would not necessarily favour late evening appointments.

Waiting times for appointments

Non urgent appointments

Some PPG members noted that waiting times for non-urgent appointments were now several weeks.  The practice agreed that the situation was not as good as they would like it to be.  They regularly review that waiting times for the 3rd next appointment and currently this was about 2 weeks.

They also reported that they have had problems with Covid infections – 3 doctors have recently been off with Covid.

Urgent Appointments

The practice is still running the urgent duty-doctor system and are planning to increase the number of doctors on-call.  They have found that it is too much work for one doctor, especially at peak times such as Monday mornings and on a Friday.  The Physicians Associate (Ellie Evans) is also supporting the doctors to assess patients.

Members of the PPG praised the reception staff and gave individual examples of good care that they had recently received.

Changes to repeat prescriptions

Elaine raised the issue of changes around asking for a repeat prescription.  She had recently had to assist another patient who was not sure what to do.

The practice has now stopped accepting requests for repeat prescriptions by email.  There are now 3 ways to request a repeat prescription:

  1. Drop a written request in to the practice.
  2. Via the practice website online form.
  3. Via the Patient Access or NHS App – very simple to use, but the signing on process is complex (outside the control of the practice)

Covid update and plans for the autumn

The practice has not yet had any official notification of plans for the autumn programme of Covid vaccinations.  They only know what has been published in the media.

They anticipate that there will be a vaccination programme from the beginning of September, and that it will be for those aged over 50 and the clinically vulnerable.

They are very conscious of the numbers of infections currently and are taking measures to ensure proper ventilation in the surgery building.  They will also continue to wear masks, and to ask patients to wear masks when visiting the surgery.

Flu vaccinations will start at the end of September.  At the moment they do not know if patients will be offered both vaccines at the same time.

They are also considering whether to offer vaccinations at both sites (Jericho Health Centre and Northgate) – or to just vaccinate Jericho Health Centre patients.

Practice update

Leavers– doctors

  • Dr Brewin (finished training)

Joiners – doctors

  • Dr Helen Raey – back from maternity leave
  • Dr Barban – previous trainee who has returned to do 6 sessions per week

New Registrars (doctors undertaking GP training) starting in August

  • Dr Aziza
  • Dr Coggins

Other clinicians:


Christie has joined the practice

Catriona has reduced her hours.

There are 2 nurses working every day.

Ellie Evans – Physicians Associate

This is a new role.  She can examine patients, but not prescribe.  She works along-side the duty doctor reviewing the list of patients.

Any Other Business

Twitter users – the PPG recommended following Dr Helen Salisbury - @HelenRSalisbury

5th October 10am-3pm UN Older People’s Day event at Oxford Town Hall

The Oxford Patient Network (Elaine is co-chair) will have a table at this event providing information about PPGs, patient engagement and trying to explain how the local health system (integrated Care Boards) works.


Date of next meeting to be agreed. September.