Request a Fitness for Work Form




If you are off work for seven days or fewer you do not need a medical certificate from your doctor. You may however need a self-certification form, so discuss this with your employer. If you
are employed you will need form SC2 to claim statutory sick pay (SSP)

The seven days includes days that you don’t normally work. So when you work out how long you’ve been off sick, you should include weekends and bank holidays.

Doctor's Desk

If your employer insists on a certificate from your doctor for illness between 1-7 days, this service is not covered by the NHS and a charge will be made which currently is £30.

If you’re off work sick for more than seven days, your employer will usually ask you to provide proof that you’ve been ill. They will normally ask for a fit note from your GP. A fit note is the informal name for the Statement of Fitness for Work/med3.

If illness should cause you to be absent from work for a period longer than seven days, you can request a medical certificate confirming your illness and inability to work by using the online form. This will ensure that you receive company sick pay or statutory sick pay (SSP) from the government. The only exceptions to this may be after hospital inpatient or outpatient treatment or for long-term sickness.

If you have already discussed the issue with us before it is possible to back date the note to the date required. It is not possible to post-date a fit note ie do one to start at a future date.

For further information on SSP, other benefits and how being ill may affect or change your claim, please visit the Department of Work and Pensions website