The Blenheim Midwives Team look after our surgery.  They are based at the John Radcliffe Hospital but a Midwife comes to Jericho Health Centre every Wednesday.

It is advised that women contact their GP as early as possible into a pregnancy, to receive all the appropriate information.

The first appointment with the midwife is booked between 8-10 weeks and will run for approximately one hour. This allows the Midwife to discuss medical history, the available screening programme, diet and general health. She will also issue a blue folder which is a record of the care given throughout pregnancy.

Appointments are offered regularly throughout pregnancy for health checks on mother and baby.

A Midwife will visit regularly for approximately two weeks after birth at which point the Health Visitor will make contact. There are also drop in clinics around the community with Midwives and Health Visitors in attendance offering help and support. Everyone is welcome at these clinics both during their pregnancy and after with their new baby.
The Midwife’s clinic runs every Wednesday between 8.40am and 4pm.

The schedule of appointments during your pregnancy is usually:

Week              Appointment

6-8                   GP
10-12             Midwife Booking appointment
16                    Midwife
25                    GP
28                    Midwife
31                    GP       First time mothers only
34                    Midwife
36                    Midwife
38                    Midwife
40                    Midwife    First time mothers only
41                    Midwife

Appointments schedules may vary but the GP or midwife will advise.

Visit the Women’s Centre.

Contact numbers
Blenhiem Midwives: 01865 220457
24 hr midwives helpline: 01865 220221