COVID-19 Update 22/03/2021




Invitations for COVID-19 vaccinations

We have made great progress in vaccinating our most vulnerable patients and we are now moving to the cohort 9. If you are aged 50 or over and have not yet been vaccinated and contacted by us, please contact the surgery on 01865 429993 and we will book you in.

We are aware that many patients in the eligible groups for the Covid-19 vaccine will shortly be receiving/have received letters or messages from NHS Vaccine Services asking you to book an appointment for your vaccine, as well as invites from ourselves. If you have already booked your vaccination appointment with us, or with one of the vaccination hubs, please rest assured that the appointment is valid and you can still attend as planned. You need not do anything further and can ignore this letter/message


Otherwiseplease do not call the practice to check when you will get the vaccine. We need to keep phone lines open for those patients who are ill and need to talk to a GP.

Published: Mar 22, 2021