Protecting Yourself. Why Should You Have the Flu Vaccine?




What is flu?

Flu is a virus that affects the nose, throat, and lungs. You can catch it easily and it can make you very ill. It can even cause death.


Why does flu spread in winter?

People spend more time indoors and are in close contact with each other, which makes it easier for the flu virus to spread.

A person suffering from flu


A person wearing a facemask

Why is it more important to have the flu jab this year?

COVID-19 is still active. If you catch both illnesses at the same time you could get very sick.


Do I still need the flu jab if I am healthy?

Some people with a learning disability are more likely to be very ill if they catch flu. Even if they are healthy.


How can I get the vaccine?

The easiest way is to have the injection. People with a learning disability can get it for FREE.


Who can get the vaccine?

Family carers and paid support workers may also be able to have the free flu vaccine, so they don’t pass flu on to you.

A patient receiving a vaccination


How do I get the jab?

Your GP will contact you by letter inviting you to book an appointment at your local practice.


How can I book my flu jab appointment myself?

If you don’t get invited to have your flu jab, you can book it yourself at a local pharmacy with this link:

Find a pharmacy that offers the NHS flu vaccine


For more information on flu, visit the website

Published: Dec 8, 2021